1 Do you know yourself? (M1-01)
1 Do you know yourself? (M1-01)
Do you Know Yourself: Discovering who you are is not an outcome, it is an ongoing process that we commit to because when we are clear about who we are, we are clear about what we want, who we want to work with and how we want to achieve it.
2 Leading Yourself Authentically (M2-01)
2 Leading Yourself Authentically (M2-01)
Leading Yourself Authentically: Many of us move into our adulthoods carrying the burden of beliefs about ourselves that may not serve us anymore. Working to understand how your beliefs hold you back and how to re-write them to move forward is...
3 Your Self-Discovery Learning Path (M2-02)
3 Your Self-Discovery Learning Path (M2-02)
We have designed our Leading Yourself Authentically module to take the concepts we introduce in Do you Know Yourself and build on them so that you journey from getting to know who you are and what you believe about yourself to re-wiring your...
4 Awakening to Your WHY (M3-01)
4 Awakening to Your WHY (M3-01)
Awakening to your Why: Awakening to your WHY is important for anyone desiring to live a meaningful life; it becomes your compass as you navigate your life’s journey. It’s not to say it will be easy, in fact, far from it, but it gifts you with...
5. Can I create income with my Why? (clone) (M4-01.)
5. Can I create income with my Why? (clone) (M4-01.)
Can I create a business from my Why: Creating a career or a business birthed from your “Why” is the most meaningful way to create value for yourself and for others. When we ask ourselves What does the world need and can I create a solution...
6 Your Pathway To Entering Entrepreneurship (M4-02)
6 Your Pathway To Entering Entrepreneurship (M4-02)
The concepts we introduce in our Entering Entrepreneurship module pick up the “ah ha” moments from our Awakening to your Why module and start applying frameworks to assessing the viability of your ideas, guiding you through testing your ideas...
7 Client consultation and care in a COVID world (M5-01)
7 Client consultation and care in a COVID world (M5-01)
Client consultation and care in a COVID world: Caring for clients as COVID spreads, much of the time, without people knowing or feeling sick is scary for everyone. The protocols we put in place, the ways in which we need to address positive...
8 Hygiene practices for a COVID world (M6-01)
8 Hygiene practices for a COVID world (M6-01)
Hygiene practices for a COVID world: Every day we learn new things about COVID and new ways that we need to protect ourselves and those in our spaces. No one has all the answers but our responsibility as professionals and as people is to keep...
9 Your Pathway To learning How To Build Client Trust In A COVID World (M6-02)
9 Your Pathway To learning How To Build Client Trust In A COVID World (M6-02)
People are going to take time to regain their confidence about being in public spaces. Your competitive advantage as anyone/any business that services people will be in how you re-design your customer experience to educate, make people feel safe...
Thriving Journal
Thriving Journal
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