2 Leading Yourself Authentically (M2-01)

Leading Yourself Authentically: Many of us move into our adulthoods carrying the burden of beliefs
about ourselves that may not serve us anymore. Working to understand how your beliefs hold you
back and how to re-write them to move forward is key to leading an authentic life.
  • Leading Yourself Authentically
  • Leading Yourself Authentically
  • Exercise 1 - Identifying Your Narrative
  • My culture and my beliefs
  • My culture and my beliefs
  • Exercise 2 - Breaking The Chains that Hold Me Back
  • Your inner voice
  • Your Inner Voice
  • Exercise 3 - Revising your life story - reflections from Module 1
  • Conscious Creation
  • Exercise 4 - Build Your Own Affirmation Jar
  • LEt your feelings out
  • Let Your Feelings Out
  • Exercise 5 - What is your Subtle Addiction?
  • Healing Your Inner Family
  • Exercise 6 - The Art of forgiveness
  • let's reflect
  • Let's reflect
  • Activity Completion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever